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Firing Range: 999-1060°C (Cone 06-04)
Type: Opaque gloss
Hazard Symbol: None
Pack: 140ml

  • Non-toxic crystal glazes
  • 2 to 3 coats application to earthenware bisque
  • All colors are fully intermixable
  • Available in 140ml & 500ml sizes

Chrysanthos Fantasy Glazes are a premium range of crystal glaze designed to add an element of surprise to your ceramics experience. The Fantasy Glazes are applied directly to bisque from the container. Colours may be intermixed to create even more exciting combinations than those available.  Fantasy Glazes are also fully intermixable with the Superor Range of Brush-on Glazes.

The Fantasy Enhancer may be added to each of the products to enhance the crystal growth and flow effect of the Fantasy Glazes either individually or in combination.

Fantasy Glazes may be applied adjacent to each other and will not flow into one another so multiple effects can be applied to one piece. To allow them to flow into one another just add Fantasy Enhancer to some or all of the Fantasy Glazes before application.

For a really interesting effect, add Fantasy Enhancer to a Fantasy Glaze that is applied to the top of a piece and let it run down over other Fantasy Glazes. The Fantasy Glazes are also fully intermixable with the Superior Glazes.


Directions for Use:

Generally, to obtain optimum results, 2 - 3 coats of Fantasy Glaze should be applied using a glaze fan brush. Ensure each coat is dry before applying subsequent coats.
Different methods can be used to apply the Fantasy Glaze. Either shake the jar and apply glaze and crystals together or first apply glaze for one or two coats then shake the jar and apply the last coat with crystals.
Use the following as a guide to how much Fantasy Enhancer may be added to the glaze to create different effects:
1. Enhanced crystal growth.  10ml Fantasy enhanceer to 100ml of Fantasy Glaze.
2. Increased flow.  20ml of Fantasy Enhancer to 100ml of Fantasy Glaze.
3. Glaze and crystals become diffused and glaze runs freely, 30ml of Fantasy Enhancer to 100ml Fantasy Glaze.

Note When Fantasy Glaze is to run, be sure to stilt piece correctly and protect kiln shelves well with Fiberfrax Paper or Placing Sand or Batt Wash.






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