Bisque Ware



Product Code: LS017/140
Size: 140ml
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Firing Range: 1000-1060°C (Cone 06-04)
Type: Opaque Satin
Pack: 140ml
Hazard Symbol: NONE
Pack: 140ml

Chrysanthos Low Sheen Glazes are a premium range of satin glazes designed to create a low sheen finish on ceramic ware in an array of captivating colours. Low Sheen Glazes may be used over underglaze for a muted effect. They are for application to bisque and when fired correctly will seal and protect the ceramic ware from moisture and discolouration caused by contact with food and liquids.

Direction for use:

Depending on the firing temperature two or three full coats required to achieve the best results. These are carefully applied at right angles to one another (ie. crosshatched), allowing each to dry in-between. A soft glazing brush should be used in order to minimise streaking. Besides brushing Low Sheen Glazes may be sponged, sprayed and thinned with clean water if necessary to improve glaze flow.