Bisque Ware


Snow White

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Firing Range: 1040-1150°C (Cone 05-2)
Type: Opaque
Finish: Gloss
Hazard Symbol: NONE

Pack: 125ml

An leadless glaze giving an excellent gloss finish. Works well on red and white clays.  Although this is a glaze with a zircon opacifier it offers a good base for majolica decoration.

Useful Information

Depending on the firing temperature one or two full coats are required to achieve the best results. These are applied at right angles to one another (i.e. crosshatched), allowing each to dry in-between. A soft glazing brush should be used in order to minimise streaking.

Application is recommended onto earthenware clay that has been bisque fired to cone 06 (1000°C), then gloss fired to between cone 05 to 01 (1040°C to 1150°C). If fired to a temperature outside of the maturing range of the clay crazing of the glaze will occur. This will allow liquids to seep through and therefore is not acceptable for domestic ware, but is often found to be acceptable for decorative pieces.