Bisque Ware

Our new and improved labels

We've always taken pride in the labels we produce in-house for our product packaging, and now we've made some improvements we think you'll love.

Our new dedicated label printer ensures that our full colour labels are now virtually waterproof. All our labels are also now printed on polyester based paper to prevent wrinkling and degeneration in damp conditions.

As well as this, we're gradually introducing colour coded clay labels for all clays supplied from our main warehouse. Each label will include up to two stars indicating the type of clay. There are four types of star, and three colours:

  • Green star with a letter R indicates the clay is suitable for raku
  • Blue star with the letters EW indicates the clay is earthenware
  • Red star with the letters SW indicates the clay is stoneware
  • Red star with the letter P indicates the clay is porcelain

A label may include more than one star, and this is because some clays may be used across more than one range. For example, virtually all raku clays will also operate successfully in the stoneware range. Many simple buff clays have been used in a large part of the earthenware range and at stoneware temperatures for much of the life of craft pottery. Where a clay may also be used at high earthenware temperature but is mainly used for stoneware, we only show one star for stoneware. Also, where many porcelain clays can be used for raku, we will only display a red star.

We have tried to make things as simple as possible and offer this innovation as a visual indicator to the user.

What do you think of our new labels? Let us know what you think over on our Facebook and Twitter, or send us an email — we always appreciate our customers' feedback.