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FIBERFRAX DS PAPER 610mm x 300mm

Fiberfrax DS Paper

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Normally used as a secondary insulation, Fiberfrax DS paper has an appearance similar to blotting paper and can be easily cut with scissors.

Instead of using sand or batt wash, we recommend using Fiberfrax paper on your kiln shelf to prevent glaze drips or pots sticking to the shelf – a problem that can ruin both your kiln shelf and pot.

This refractory paper can be cut to a footprint slightly larger than the pot standing on it, and will also withstand several firings to stoneware temperatures before starting to crumble.

Fiberfrax paper is manufactured from Fiberfrax refactory ceramic fibres and blended with specially selected organic binders to give flexible papers with exceptional characteristics. Advanced production techniques ensure a highly uniform structure enhanced by low thermal conductivity, good handling strength and a smooth surface.

We supply Fiberfrax paper in units measuring 610mm x 300mm.

General characteristics

  • High temperature stability
  • High resiliency
  • Lightweight
  • Excellent flexibility
  • Easy to wrap, cut and shape


1 unit = 610mm x 300mm
Thickness: 2mm
Density: N/A

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