Bisque Ware

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Firing Range: 1000-1060°C (Cone 06-04)
Type: Underglaze
Hazard Symbol: NON-TOXIC

  • Coloured lead free underglazes
  • Firing range for colours is cone 06 (1000°C) to cone 04 (1060°C) - colours fired above cone 04 (1060°C) will develop a restrained gloss surface if left unglazed.  Testing required to check stability.
  • 1 to 3 coats application to bisque
  • All colours are fully intermixable
  • Available in 60ml, 500ml packs

Cafe Colours are semi-gloss underglazes specifically designed for decoration on bisqueware that is to be dipped in a transparent glaze. The colours are intense and may be used for detailed design work or as a cover coat. If left unglazed and fired to 1060°C (cone 04) or above these colours will start to form a glaze surface.

Important points to remember when working with Cafe Colours is once applied and dry maybe glazed with dipping or brush-on glazes.  These colours may also be fired to mid-fire or stoneware temperatures and either glazed or left unglazed.  Left unglazed a satin or restrained gloss may be achieved.  Some colours may fade or disappear at high temperatures, which means testing is essential. 



Cafe Colours should be applied with an appropriate sized soft-bristled brush for detailed work. If a larger area is being covered, a generous size brush will minimise streakiness and allow a more even application. Cafe Colours are also suitable for sponging and stippling.

Cafe Colours in a single coat application are essentially transparent, however opacity may be achieved by the application of 2 or 3 generous coats, in a cross-hatch manner. These Colours are designed for use directly from the bottle, although they may be sprayed or sponged. Clean water may be added to achieve alternate finishes or to adjust consistency for spraying.

Allow each coat to dry before application of further coats.  Once your decoration is complete ensure the colours are dry before application of dipping or brush-on glaze.




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