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3in Vertical De-Air

Product Code: 7621
Price: £4610.76


This De-airing Vertical Pug has all the advantages of a standard Vertical Pugmill, such as ease of use, the more ergonomic loading position and the
very compact design that only uses a small amount of floor space ,less space than the smallest pug mill mounted on a bench.  Another advantage of this is can
produce a well de-aired body that can be used without further kneading.  Using optional thin wall hollow extrusions can be produced without the risk of the
extrusion collapsing.  Ideal for any busy workshop.

Technical data:

Drive motor: 1.1kW (1.5hp) reduction drive gearbox direct drive (230/240v)
Output: Approximately 320kg per hour
Construction: Cast aluminium 150mm barrel with 75mm extrusion.  Split body for easy cleaning.
Finish: Durable two stage coated finish

Overall Dimensions:

Length: 711mm
Width: 609mm
Height: 2200mm 

Weight: 180kg