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3in. Vertical

Product Code: 7620
Price: £3093.80


Vertical pugmills offer the advantage of a "small foot print" for the space required in addition to a superior performance compared to horizontal pugmills.  Clay is easier to feed into the hooper and less force is required to push the clay into the augur.

The pugmill is manufactured from heavy section aluminium castings and has individually mounted auger blades which can be altered to change the configuration to suit different clays and extrusion applications.  The auger is mounted through two taper thrust bearings and is driven via a flexible coupling from an inline helical geared motor. 

Vertical pugmills are suited to users who frequently recycle large quantities of clay.

Technical data:

Drive motor: 0.785kW (1hp) reduction drive gearbox direct drive (230/240v)
Output: Approximately 360kg per hour
Construction: Cast aluminium 150mm barrel with 75mm extrusion.  Split body for easy cleaning.
Finish: Durable two stage coated finish

Overall Dimensions:

Length: 711mm
Width: 609mm
Height: 1980mm 

Weight: 123kg