Clayman Stone

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Chemical Analysis: 73.66% SiO², 0.02% TiO², 15.81% Al²O³, 0.14% Fe²O³, 0.14% MgO, 0.28% CaO, 4.27% K²O, 4.31% Na²O, 1.39% LOl
Hazard symbol: NONE
Variety or Brand: N/A
Pack: 500g

Cornish Stone is no longer available therefore after some research we have found this substitute product. Cornish Stone was decomposed granite. Used as a secondary flux in glazes at earthenware temperatures and as an alternative to feldspar at stoneware temperatures. Not as fusible as feldspar due to higher silica content. Our Stone Substitute is a milled material compiste flux designed to match the firing characteristics of Cornish Stone.