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Zircon Batt Wash

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Chemical Analysis: N/A
Hazard symbol: HARMFUL
Variety or Brand: Zircon based
Pack: 500g

A special blend of refractory materials including Zirconium. Batt Wash may be applied to kiln batts to prevent ware sticking or to aid in cleaning glaze contamination etc. Batt Wash may also be applied to pots to enable lids to be fired in place without sticking.

Handy Hints

Zircon based is said to be the best type of batt wash on the market.  Kiln manufacturers often recommend treating kiln batts (shelves) with batt wash.  Unfortuantely applying any type of batt wash to the kiln shelves will cause it to stick and eventually causes the build up of a crusty layer.  This layer can then flake, which means the kiln shelf should not eve be reversed in use.  We recommend the use of Placing Sand or Fiberfraz Ceramic Fibre Paper to use on your kiln shelves as this can cleaned off easily leaving a near pristine shelf.  Batt Wash is best used on kiln props to prevent sticking or clay work to prevent unglazed clay sticking to unglazed clay in a glost firing (i.e when firing lids in place).