Bisque Ware

If you work with clay, glazes and plaster just take a few minutes to consider what happens to the waste materials that is washed off your hands and equipment.  Yes, it disappears down the waste, but then what happens.  As any clay or glaze and plaster when mixed with water the material settles out, sometimes faster than other times.  The same happens with your materials when flowing down the waste pipe.  As the flow of waste water slows the heavy materials will settle.  The heavy materials are the particles of clay, the glaze materials and plaster.  Eventually over time they will accumulate and block the waste.  Clearing that block can be very time consuming and tedious.  A trap is an invaluable asset.  The principle of any trap is to slow the flow of waste, encouraging the heavy materials to drop out of suspension, but most importantly to capture the waste in a controlled way for easy disposal.

Consideration must be given to the amount of waste entering the waste and then choose a trap adequate for the purpose.  Also, it must be borne in mind that any trap is only as good as the ongoing maintenance.  The trap needs checking and emptying on a regular basis.  There are no fixed time gaps, as it depends on the sink usage. 

This trap is easily emptied by unscrewing the base container from the trap.  A large capacity anti-siphonic trap it has a 76mm liquid seal and holds 2.3litres.  The complete kit  the includes adaptors to allow it to be fitted to the waste outlet of a standard sink.  A sink adaptor is included just in case the thread of the waste outlet is not long enough to enable to good seal to be obtained.  Also included are adaptors to enable connection from the trap outlet to a standard 38mm waste.  

Kit contains:

1 - 6996/1 - W681 Clay & Plaster Trap
1 - 6996/2 - Outlet Adaptor
1 - 6996/3 - Sink Adaptor (if required)
1 - 6996/5 - Trap Adaptor