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Plaster Sink

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When reclaiming clay it is often suggested that a plaster slab is used.  Although this works well, very soft clay can easily run off the side and on to the worktop below. To prevent this problem and to eneavour to ensure clay reclaimation can be achieved in a tidy controlled manner, we came up with the Plaster Sink.  The recess stops the clay spreading and the Plaster Sink can be reversed to use as a flat surface to need soft clay on, so taking out some of the contained moisture while preparing your clay.  When using the Plaster Sink for reclaiming we recommend it be placed on two wooden batons to ensure air circulation all around the plaster.


Length: 46.5cm. (18.25in. approx.)
Width: 36cm. (14.25in. approx.)
Height: 10cm. (4in. approx.)

Length: 40.5cm. (16in. approx.)
Width:30.5cm. (12in. approx.)
Height: 6.25cm. (2.5in. approx.)

Weight: 9.25kg