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Iris Purple

Product Code: CR057/140
Size: 140ml
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Firing Range: 999-1060°C (Cone 06-04)
Type: Matt
Hazard Symbol: Non-toxic
Pack: 140ml

  • Non toxic matt colours with fragments of embedded clear crystals
  • Firing range is cone 06 (999°C) to cone 04 (1,060°C)
  • 3 coat application to earthenware greenware or bisque
  • Colours are fully intermixable
  • Available in 140 ml & 500 ml sizes

Chrysanthos Crystallite are lead-free and come in a range of decorative matt finishes highlighted by a spattering of tiny glass flecks, giving a slightly textured surface finish.

Guidance Notes

Before use, mix glaze well, stirring or shaking to distribute crystals evenly.
To obtain optimum results, 3 coats of Crystallite Glazes should be applied using a well-loaded glaze brush.  Ensure each coat is dry before applying subsequent coats at right angles to one another (i.e. crosshatching). Alternately 3 coats may be applied with a sponge.
Crystallite Glazes are typically not glazed over.
The Crystallite Glazes should be fired between Cone 06 (999°C) and Cone 04 (1060°C). If the Crystallite Glazes are fired higher, the color heightens and the crystals further expand.
These products are unsuitable for use on food or beverage containers since the finished product remains unglazed and consequently porous.